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json-wikipedia json-wikipedia

Json Wikipedia contains code to convert the Wikipedia XML dump in a JSON dump.


compile the project running

mvn assembly:assembly 

the command will produce a JAR file containing all the dependencies the target folder.

Convert the Wikipedia XML to JSON

java target/json-wikipedia-1.0.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar it.cnr.isti.hpc.wikipedia.cli.MediawikiToJsonCLI -input -output wikipedia-dump.json[.gz] -lang [en|it]         


./scripts/ [en|it] wikipedia-dump.json[.gz]

produces in wikipedia-dump.json the JSON version of the dump. Each line of the file contains an article of dump encoded in JSON. Each JSON line can be deserialized in an Article object, which represents an enriched version of the wikitext page. The Article object contains:

  • the title (e.g., Leonardo Da Vinci);
  • the wikititle (used in Wikipedia as key, e.g., Leonardo_Da_Vinci);
  • the namespace and the integer namespace in the dump;
  • the timestamp of the article;
  • the type, if it is a standard article, a redirection, a category and so on;
  • if it is not in English the title of the correspondent English Article;
  • a list of tables that appear in the article ;
  • a list of lists that that appear in the article ;
  • a list of internal links that appear in the article;
  • if the article is a redirect, the pointed article;
  • a list of section titles in the article;
  • the text of the article, divided in paragraphs;
  • the categories and the templates of the articles;
  • the list of attributes found in the templates;
  • a list of terms highlighted in the article;
  • if present, the infobox.


Once you have created (or downloaded) the JSON dump (say wikipedia.json), you can iterate over the articles of the collection easily using this snippet:

RecordReader<Article> reader = new RecordReader<Article>(
        "wikipedia.json",new JsonRecordParser<Article>(Article.class)

for (Article a : reader) {
// do what you want with your articles  

You can also add some filters in order to iterate only on certain articles (in the example we used only the standard type filter, which excludes meta pages e.g., Portal: or User: pages.).

The RecordReader and JsonRecordParser are part of the hpc-utils package.

In order to use these classes, you will have to install json-wikipedia in your maven repository:

mvn install

and import the project in your new maven project adding the dependency: